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But How?

  Advanced Data Analysis

  Natural Language Understanding

  Python Process automation

  Tailored Business Insights

High-quality data is something all brands require. For the first time, Loxias is releasing exclusive data. Utilizing both LLM and ChatGPT, we have conducted rigorous experiments and side-by-side testing, comparing samples with real human responses under various conditions. This is to generate insights and buyer personas, helping brands elevate their strategy and content efforts

Why choose AI for your social listening strategy?

Discover what people are discussing using AI-powered features like the Network Map, Outlier Clusters, Top Clusters by Volume, and Top Clusters by Engagement views.

Explore trending topics with the help of AI through the Timeline by Volume and Timeline by Engagement views.

Analyze the sentiment of conversations using AI-based Cluster Sentiment and Cluster Sentiment by Traction views.

Gain insights into the demographics of conversations using AI-driven features like Gender Breakdown, Top Organizations, Top Interests, and Top Sources views.

Insights Generation Steps

Loxias’ innovation advances with this update, expanding its suite to encompass Brand Health, Benchmark, Industry, and Bespoke reports. These enhanced capabilities analyze billions of data points and introduce industry-leading features for advanced consumer and market research

  • Data Collection
  • Data Cleansing Automation
  • GPT & Llama LLM Model Integration
  • AI-Trained Model Application
  • Senior Data Quality Assurance
  • Business Insights generation

Democratizing enterprise data and insights with Intelligence Powered By AI

Loxias leverages the power of AI, featuring ChatGPT and the Llama 2 model, to provide industry professionals with advanced capabilities for generating exceptionally creative, precise, and pertinent insights, surpassing previous levels of analytical excellence.

Loxias employs exclusive AI methods and skilled data analysts to help brands understand market trends and shifts in social media and public discussions, delivering valuable business insights.

We offer an end-to-end solution for audience insights, customer cohort definition using CRM data, and segmentation based on themes like social interests. This drives ongoing insights and trend identification, enabling large-scale personalized messaging and product tailoring.

Industry Report

Best-in-Class Integration of Social Media Public Data & AI (ChatGPT-4) to elevate your decision-making to the next level

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