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Any organization that wants to have insights (based on the digital presence and public conversations of brands and/or products) to support decision making.

Our reports get ready within 72 hours once the request is approved by our analysts.

Please go to question number 1 to understand how to submit your request.

It should not take longer than a working day to complete the requests, though this may vary depending on how long it takes for the solicitants to answer any additional questions that may be asked for more information or context.

We estimate that less than 10% of the requests will require additional information.

Our analysts will always evaluate your requests before approving it. If any inconsistencies or issues are found due to the lack of data, you will be informed and will have the option to cancel the process without any charge to your credit card.

You will receive a copy of the report via email, which will be sent to the email address registered on our platform. Additionally, you can access the report using your Loxias account.

Loxias combines the best of the two worlds – sophisticated AI with qualified human expertise. Utilizing best-in-class consumer intelligence tools, our data scientists develop reports to help you make complex decisions and anticipate future moves. We identify specific conversations and gather keywords and linguistic structures related to the brand’s context in the digital universe and translate the data into a friendly source for decision-making insights.

We also utilize Natural Language Processing and visual contextualization to transform data into easily understandable analyses. The data collection structures are built to cover the entire context of a given brand or a given theme in the digital universe. It combines quantitative and qualitative measures, so we can support decision-making with numbers, without leaving aside a broader understanding of how and why.

Given that we prioritize the accuracy and the legality of the data, we only use best-in-class world leading intelligence tools such as Brandwatch, BuzzSumo, Fanpage Karma, Social Insider and Talkwalker. We ensure all platforms used for data collection are in compliance with GDPR.

Our data sources comprise social media channels, blogs, forums, reviews and more than 100M portals and websites.

The social platforms covered are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr and YouTube. Note that TikTok analysis is limited to the Performance section due to privacy issues.

Yes. As long as Loxias is referenced as the source of information.

Yes. Any information provided to Loxias is under our Privacy Policy.

Your credit card will be only charged after one of our analysts approves your request.

Please go to question number 1 to understand how to submit your request.

Please contact [email protected] while providing us with your order number. Our team will be happy to provide reasonable customer support for a period of 5 Business Days from the date upon which the Loxias Report is first made available to the Customer.