How our solution works

We follow our process of define, research and deliver.

To provide both insights and momentum.



Explore the power of Loxias’ two innovative report models, which harness the insights of social listening to diagnose and enhance your brand’s success. Discover how our reports can transform your business!


Our proprietary methodology combines the best of two worlds:

Sophisticated AI with human expertise.

Insights Generation Steps

  • Data Colection

  • Data Cleasing Automation

  • GPT & Llama LLM Integration

  • AI-Trained Model Application

  • Senior Data Quality Assurance

  • Business Insights Generation

With strong BI know-how, our analysts are trained to select the most appropriate monitoring tools according to the objectives of your report and translate the data into a friendly source of insights.

We use Natural Language Processing and visual contextualization to turn a vast amount of internal and external data into easily digestible content & visuals.


There is no need for our clients to be experts in social analytics to fully understand the reports.

Social listening and performance are just the beginning.

Here you find more details about the different channels we monitor:

    +100MM Websites


Plus Social Media

For the report development, our experts identify specific conversations and mentions based on a linguistic study, respecting regionalisms and the specific characteristics of each social network. We also build data collection structures that cover the entire context of a given brand or a given theme in the digital universe.

The methodology combines quantitative and qualitative measures, so we can support decision-making with numbers, without leaving aside a broader understanding of how and why.

Forget the long brief sessions!

With our innovative e-commerce platform, your report is just a few steps away.

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3. Parameters  

Add more information about the project that will be sent to our analysts

4. Payment  

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Once the parameters are approved, your report arrives within:

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