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Loxias combines the best of the two worlds – sophisticated AI with qualified human expertise. Utilizing best-in-class consumer intelligence tools, our data scientists develop reports to help you make complex decisions and anticipate future moves.

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Social Insights has never been so close!

You will understand what narrative a brand, a product or an influencer, build on a wide range of earned channels and then analyze their performance on different owned channels.


Receive your report in 72h*

*Business hours (EDT/EST), once the parameters are approved by our experts

We translate public conversations into insightful analyses that are


Have access to state of the art monitoring tools
Our analysts utilize the best consumer monitoring tools available in the market, increasing the reach and accuracy of the results. nnBrandWatch, Buzzsumo, TalkWalker, FanPage Karma, Social Insider, amplify
We work with the best-in-class analysts
You don’t need to hire and train your own team of data scientists to handle the intelligence tools since our highly qualified experts deliver the reports ready to go.
Our unique proprietary methodology
With strong BI know-how, we select the most appropriate monitoring tools according to your objectives and then translate it into a friendly source of decision-making insights.
Complex analyses, but simple to understand
We use NPL and visual contextualization to turn a vast amount of data into user-friendly content. There is no need for our clients to be experts in social analytics to fully understand the reports.
Lightspeed delivery (72h)
Does your decision cannot wait? Do not worry, most of our reports are delivered within 24 hours.nEasy purchase process: order your reports through our innovative platform and online brief form. Everything is just a few clicks away.

Get your brand intelligence report: fast, easy and affordable.

Insights and Intelligence are on their way in a pleasant way to digest, saving time and budget.

1. Tell us what you need

Online form with information about the report to be developed

2. Request validation

Data Scients to approve your request*

3. Specialists in Action

Qualified specialists to operate consumer intelligence tools

4. Quality Review

Quality and Privacy are mandatory during the entire process

5. Get you Report

Insights ready – through storytelling – for download in your account section

72 working hours*

*It should not take longer than a working day to complete the requests, though this may vary depending on how long it takes for the solicitants to answer any additional questions that may be asked for more information or context.

Our products

A solution that fits your budget!

Brand Health

Receive a detailed analysis of a particular brand in the social media landscape, along with a comprehensive overview of the brand’s performance across its own channels.

  • This report comprises 1 brand


Compare how a brand performs against its competitors alongside a comprehensive diagnosis of their context in the social and digital environment.

  • 2 brands included
  • Incremental 50% to include a 3rd brand

Insights powered by leading consumer intelligence research tools