About us

International UK based e-commerce that delivers insightful voice of the customer intelligence reports.

Our innovative solution combines state of art multi-channel monitoring tools with a robust proprietary methodology and qualified human expertise – everything is just a few clicks away through our e-commerce platform.

Our Mission

We aim to democratize the access to best-in-class consumer intelligence analytics by translating public conversations into insightful reports that are affordable, fast and simple to understand.

How do we make this possible? Through our proprietary methodology that combines the best of the two worlds – sophisticated AI with qualified human expertise. With strong BI know-how, our analysts are trained to select the most appropriate monitoring tools according to the objectives of your report and translate it into a friendly source of decision-making insights.

Our Purpose

Loxias is one of the names given to Apollo – also meaning the God of Prophecy.

Loxias (Ancient Greek Λοξίας Loxías) is an epiclesis of the Greek god Apollo, master of the oracle in Delphi, with which he was primarily addressed as the god of prophecy.

Similarly to Apollo and his prophecies, wants to help you to shed light into the internet data Universe.

Our Leadership Team

Gathered to help you during complex decisions

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Alexander Kohlitz
Antonio Bennati
Head of Product and Operations

Our Products

Brand Health

Comprehensive overview of the brand’s across Monitoring.


Discover brand narratives, compare customer perceptions.

Central Brand Insights

Unlocking Market Trends with Social Listening and Analitycs.

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