Define, research, deliver


We take a 360º x-ray of the brand, tracking mentions and providing you with an overview of how it is positioned online. Thus, you can get to know, in a deep way, the conversations in which the brand participates and is inserted, as well as its reputation.


Owned Social Channels


We take a 360º x-ray of your chosen brands – tracking online public mentions to provide you with an overview of how a company is positioned compared to other players. You will learn, in a deep way, the type of conversations they are inserted in, as well as their reputation.


Earned Social Media


For this session, we are focused on NPL (Natural Language Processing), analyzing public conversations and mentions related to the chosen brands. We identify the main connected topics that are reverberating across the main platforms during the period of analysis in addition to understanding its main authors and motivations.

Central Brand Insights

It is an interactive ecosystem that brings together all the conversations generated on social media about the sponsors of Big Brother Brazil 24 and their competitors.